Who we are – Energy Resilience

Laura and Amanda have been working together on different projects over the last 13 years. Combining both their professional qualification and experiences which amount to over 60 years, has led to this where they are today.  Both individually and together they are passionate that understanding our bodies, our mind, and our energies are the driving forces behind everything we do in life, every decision we make, and how we ultimately show up for ourselves and others every day.


They have created an ITEC approved  Energy Resilience Workshop Leader course which is a very in-depth look at how Energy Resilience Works and how to teach yourself and others the benefits and make it a part of your own or your companies culture.


Laura and Amanda also offer new Wellness workshops for companies no matter the size that focuses on ‘Energy Resilience’.

Tools & Techniques
  • Workshop 1.5 hours
  • Movement
  • Breath
  • Tapping
  • Self-Regulation
Self Care
  • 2 Hour Workshop
  • Self-Care Wheel
  • Understanding Boundaries
  • Habits
  • Rules of Energy
Inside Out Resilience

4 Hour Workshop

Tools and Techniques to regulate your energy quickly

  • Chair Movement
  • Kinesiology Testing
  • Self-Care
  • Boundaries
  • Habits
  • Movement
  • Breath
  • Tapping
  • Self-Regulation
  • Rules of Energy
  • Lymphatic Draining
  • Quick Tools and Techniques to re-regulate and manage you energy
  • Workshops can also be catered to the needs of the groups
Mind Body Resilience School

ITEC accredited Energy Resilience Workshop Leader     Training

– 50 Hour Training (on site at company or at our location in Co Meath)

Who is this course for?

– Companies can have staff trained to facilitate their own in house Wellness programs

– Individuals can host their own Wellness Workshops within their communities and acquire their own liability insurance.

-Individuals can undertake this course for their own personal development

-Holistic Therapists within the industry can add this modality and create their own overall wellness workshops.

Amanda and Laura are a fantastic duo and their workshop is perfect for people that need an opportunity to stop and reset and balance themselves’

“Highly recommend this with Laura and Amanda to give space to yourself and reflect on your energy levels and where you want them to be’

‘Give yourself the day of space – it is wonderful for self support’

I’v heard the idea move your body change your mind but today I experienced it! WOW!!’

IOR Workshops Staff comments

‘I am leaving today with a sense of quiet’

‘Breathing and Tapping allowing me to regulate/support my own emotional being

‘Knowing how to quickly bring yourself back down, the impact it can have on others if both people are in fight or flight and how to regulate others’

‘Left with more energy instead of being tired, learned about tapping and breathing techniques, the vagus massage techniques’

‘A better understanding of how the mind works in conjunction with the body –

Techniques and tools to use in my personal and work environment’

IOR Workshops Manager's comments

Energy resilience testimonials
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